Ionian Sea

Romance and breathtaking sceneries Romance and breathtaking sceneries

A group of 7 islands located at the western seaboard of Greece, known for their turquoise waters and their unique landscapes and villages. 

Zakynthos offers the kind of beaches that one sees in movies and questions their existence.

Further up, Kefalonia is known as the  “jewel of the IoanianSea”, encompassing some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and some of the most cosmopolitan fishing harbours. It is the most vibrant islands of the Ionian Sea and the favorite island for many Hollywood stars. Right next to Kefalonia,  Ithaca is Greece’s mythical island and has inspired one of the greatest pieces of literature, “Odyssey”.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos: the breathtaking “shipwreck” beach has fine white sand, emerald waters and the remains of a ship lying on its perfect sand.

Myrtos Beach, Kefallonia: one of the most photographed beaches in the Ionian Sea. Known for its extreme and unspoiled natural beauty

Fiscardo Village, Kefalonia: Superb little fishing right on the harbourside with turquoise clear water, small fishing boats alongside lovely expensive yachts, waterside restaurants and multicolor houses along the marina are a “must see”.

Pontikonisi, Corfu: Corfu’s trademark. It is an inhabited small village with the Pantokrator monastery. It is the white stone staircase of the Monastery that when viewed from afar gives the impression of a mouse tail that gave the island its name.

Paksoi & Antipaksoi: Ravishing beaches and villages untouched from modern tourism

Porto Katsiki Beach, Leukada: astonishing beach with clear turquoise waters surrounded by impressive white hills

Atokos Island: a lost paradise on earth, an uninhabited island with virgin beaches and crystal


Short cruise: Lefkas – Meganissi - Atokos – Ithaka – Kefalonia

Long cruise: Lefkas – Paxoi – Corfu – Meganissi – Atokos - Ithaka – Kefalonia - Zakinthos